PHOTO: Ancient Roman Montanara Gate in Rimini, Italy

Rimini, Italy, perhaps best known for its beaches on the Adriatic, is also rife with history. This ancient Montanara Gate in Rimini city center marked one end of the street leading to what was the town's Roman Forum

The city of Rimini, Italy is perhaps best known for its shallow beaches on the Adriatic. I found the beach strip to be a nightmare of lounge chairs and shade umbrellas by day, and crowded bars by night, so as usual, I chose the path less taken. I turned my back on the shore and focused on the city center, which is rife with history and ancient Roman ruins. Among the structures that have survived through the centuries is Montanara Gate in Rimini, which once marked one end of the town’s Roman Forum. The opposite end of the Roman Forum was marked by the massive Arch of Augustus, which is equally well preserved. I spent a lovely two days wandering from ruin to ruin, with no crowds to battle, since everyone else was at the beach.

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6 thoughts on “PHOTO: Ancient Roman Montanara Gate in Rimini, Italy”

  1. I was there too and really enjoyed the video. It is all so true and realistic in relation to what went on there, a real good piece to remember for me and for others to find out about this wonderful place in Italy.

  2. Isn’t a little warm there? Why not Scandinavia in summer and the Mediterranean in winter? I enjoy your blog very much!

    • Hi John: Yep, I imagine it is right now, but I’m a little further north right now, in Milan. My articles lag my real location by about 5-6 weeks, sometimes (depends on how far behind I get with my writing). But as you suggest, I’m headed for Scandinavia next week 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy my blog. That meant a great deal to me.

      • Thanks for replying Barbara. I will continue to follow your adventures. I hope to do what you are doing one day soon!


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