PHOTO: Masterfully Built Tiberius Bridge in Rimini, Italy

Construction on Il Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge) in Rimini, Italy, was begun in A.D. 14, during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus. However, by the time it was completed in A.D. 21, Tiberius was Emperor, thus its name.

Construction on Il Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge) in Rimini, Italy, was begun in A.D. 14, when Augustus was the Roman Emperor. It was completed in A.D. 21, during the reign of Tiberius, and it is for him that the bridge was named. Established by the Romans in 268 B.C., Rimini sat at the junction of major roads that connected northern and southern Italy. Additionally, its location at the confluence of the Marecchia River and Adriatic Sea facilitated river and sea trade. As an important city, Rimini received more than its fair share of prestigious monuments. A 12,000-seat Amphitheater still stands, as do the stately Augustus Arch and Montanara Gate, which were entrances to the city’s Roman Forum.

Most impressive, however, is the Tiberius Bridge. Julius Caesar crossed the Marecchia River on it and entered Rimini on his way to sack Rome. Built with white Istrian marble that still carries the original inscriptions honoring both Augustus and Tiberius, the bridge was massive for its day. The marble columns, pierced by five arches, were designed to withstand severe currents and flooding. Even a war couldn’t bring it down; it was the only bridge over the Marecchia River not destroyed by the retreating German army during the Battle of Rimini. Still today it is open to both pedestrian and motorized traffic.

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  1. Great photo! If you like history and nature next time explore the rest of Rimini Province: from San Leo to Verucchio, from Santarcangelo to Pennabilli, so many beautiful places. And even a foreign country (UNESCO site San Marino) inside it!

    • Hi UK to Rimini: I did get to San Marino, but there are so many more places to explore in this region of Italy. I’m definitely planning to a return visit.


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