Panoramic Photos of Russia

Iconic Views of Russia in Panoramic Photos

During my Viking River Waterway of the Tsars cruise down the Volga-Baltic Waterway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, I captured these panoramic photos of Russia, showing four of the most iconic views in the country. They are not my usual quality, since I shot them with my iPhone, but they do capture a great view of the sweeping public spaces that seemed so prevalent in Russia’s two most important cities. Click on each of the thumbnails to see a larger view:

Cathedral Square at the Kremlin in Moscow

Cathedral Square at the Kremlin in Moscow

Moscow's Red Square by day

Moscow’s Red Square by day

Moscow's Red Square by night

Moscow’s Red Square by night

The magnificent Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg

The magnificent Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg

Disclosure: I was a guest of Viking River Cruises during my Waterway of the Tsars cruise. However, the receipt and acceptance of complimentary items or services will never influence the content, topics, or posts in this blog. I write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

17 Comments on “Iconic Views of Russia in Panoramic Photos

  1. Researching a Baltic cruise at the moment but are thinking of adding in a stint in Russia and these amazing photos are pushing us in that direction for sure. I will have to call my husband at work and sent him the link. THanks for sharing and maybe see you in Russia on the panorama.

    • Hi Allison: You’re very welcome. I think you can’t go wrong with an add-on, at least for St. Petersburg. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. It truly is amazing what a cellphone can do these days!

    Unique post, thanks!

    • It sure is Mike, and I’m still using an iPhone 4s – the newer ones are even better.

    • Hi Maria: Agreed – I’m amazed by the quality of the cameras on mobile phones these days.

  3. so beautiful !
    I love Russia so much but I have never gone there.
    however I also love Viet Nam. It has many dream destination like that.

    • Hope you get to experience Russia some day, BC family. I’ve been to Vietnam and it is truly a beautiful country.

    • Hi Dawn: I believe the panoramic photo feature began with the 4s model, so if you have an older one you won’t see it. I’m still using a 4s, and on mine there is a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen just above the home button that lets you choose time-lapse, photo, video, square, or pano. Just slide to pano and touch it. Hold the camera up and frame your scene, beginning far left. Touch the home button to start and sweep the phone to the right, keeping the white arrow centered on the white line. When you get to the furthest right point you want in the photo, touch the home button again. Though I have done a couple of vertical shots, it is best for horizontals.

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