VIDEO: Amazon Tropical Rainforest Video, Ecuador

8 Comments on “VIDEO: Amazon Tropical Rainforest at Cuyabeno National Park, Ecuador

  1. Amazing video, I love the beauty of the Amazon and those little ones were to awesome! Found you blog only after your had won your award for best travel blog of last year, wish I had found it sooner! Well done anyway, better late then never.

    • Thanks Aaron! So glad you found me, even if it took a while. I particularly liked those little guys too.

  2. Amazing video…what kind of camera are you using to shoot that? Were you able to get pretty close to those monkeys?

    • Hi Travel Rinse Repeat: I shoot all my video with my Canon DSLR’s. This was with the T1i, and in this case a 75-300 telephoto. Nut I was pretty close to them – maybe 25 feet. Glad you liked it.

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