VIDEO: Elephants Baths Chitwan National Park Nepal

18 Comments on “VIDEO: Elephant Baths at Chitwan National Park, Nepal

  1. How amazing would that be to see elephants in the wild. A true life’s ambition.

    • Spencer: I’ve now seen them in India, Nepal, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, and the experience never gets old!

  2. Looks like a beautiful past time, never thought of taking a bath with an elephant to be this nice=)

  3. Wow – the guys on top of the elephant are just as amazing as the elephant! The ability to balance is incredible!

    • I’m with Sherry, incredible balance – I don’t think I’d last 5 seconds up there. Must be like a mini-massage for the elephant during bath time as well.

      • Yes, he balance was incredible, and the first mahout was, well, a “hoot” –
        in more ways than one, wih all the catcalls and whistles he was making.

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  5. WOOOOOWW! I love elephants!
    If that is the boy’s job it’s for sure one of the best jobs in the world… the dive at 2:25 is hillarious!

    peace and love everyone =)

    • Hi Nuno – this was definitely one of the most fun videos I have ever
      produced; so glad you liked it!

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    • Hi Global Butterfly. I was told (don’t know if it’s true) that until
      recently guests used to be able to climb on the back of the elephants and
      try their hand at balancing while they bathed, until one guest fell off and
      under the elephant and drowned. Sad.

  7. You really have been quite the prolific blogger lately. Hurrah for us readers!

  8. You’ve been quit prolific lately. Hurrah for us readers and all so fascinating. You truly are a timeless treker.

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