Best Kept Travel Secrets eBook Launch

Back in November 2009, the folks at Tripbase had a clever idea. They picked several of their favorite travel bloggers and challenged them to write about their three best travel secrets. Those initial bloggers each had to “tag” three more travel bloggers to do likewise, and so on.

Travel Tips eBook

What was originally intended as a fun way to share the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a group of savvy world travelers quickly became an avalanche of insider tips so valuable that the folks at Tripbase decided to compile the 500+ travel secrets into an ebook: “Tripbase Best Kept Travel Secrets; 88 Essential Travel Secrets from the Top Travel Bloggers on the Internet Today,” which features valuable tips from industry giants like Peter Greenberg, Johnny Jet, Rolf Potts, and me, of course. The tips were broken into specific topics: beaches, Italy, U.S., family travel, worldwide travel, and food. Click the above link to download Best Kept Travel Secrets eBooks for free.

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  2. I figured TripBase had to be up to something with this and I think it’s simply brilliant. I can’t think of anything better they could’ve done then to do what they did.


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