20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Reunited City Celebrates By Creating a Human Wall

Twenty years ago today, the wall that divided Berlin fell, signaling the death of the Cold War. To mark the anniversary, the city will host a Festival of Freedom with a very different kind of wall. Under the direction of British artist and curator Martin Butler nearly 50,000 people will form a human chain along the exact 47 km route of where the Berlin Wall once stood. This unique living art installation is entitled: “Mauer Mob 2009: Recreating the Berlin Wall.” In addition to the human wall, an art installation of dominoes along the route will be toppled to symbolize the falling of the Berlin Wall. The final domino tile will signal the launch of a stupendous firework display.

People stand atop the Brandenburg Gate the day before the wall came down

Back in 1989, in order to witness the historic event, you would have had to travel to Germany. But today, courtesy of the power of the Internet and earthTV.com, the anniversary celebration can be viewed on your computer screen in broadcast quality streaming video. Throughout the day of the festival the earthTV camera will also showfamous Berlin landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate where the festival will take place, Berlin Cathedral, the television tower on Alexanderplatz and the cupola of the Reichstag.

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6 thoughts on “20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Reunited City Celebrates By Creating a Human Wall”

  1. well even though it is 20 years ago, there are still “small walls” between east and west-germany. there are still so many differences in those parts of germany ( eg. in earnings – some people in eastern germany do work for under 4 euro an hour, while you get paid 10 euros for the same job in western germany)
    but even with differences we have grown together to a single nation and that progress is still going on after 20 years after the Fall of the Wall.
    Greetings from germany,

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. I, too, like the human wall idea. And to think that technology allows us to watch all of it. Change can be good.


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