Travel Back In Time With Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

I admit it. I sometimes carry the definition of travel to extremes. Hole In The Donut’s theme is “the inner and outer journey.” The outer journey – basically everything that has to do with travel – is broad enough to allow me to write about destinations, attractions, events, accommodations, and travel industry news.

The inner journey is where I deviate from the traditional view of travel. We all have different stories, but our common denominator is that we are all trying to find a way to be happy. So – and I know this is a stretch – I ask that you travel back in time with me to the early days of television. This YouTube clip from The Carol Burnett Show, featuring the comedy of Harvey Korman and Tim Conway will make you roar with laughter. After all, any excuse to laugh is a good one. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Travel Back In Time With Harvey Korman and Tim Conway”

  1. This Tim Conway & Harvey Korman skit has always been my favorite. I was watching with my Mom at the time and we laughed so hard we cried and this is one of the fond memories I keep close now that Mom is gone. Thanks!!!


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