Hole In The Donut Nominated For Best Travel Blog At Divine Caroline

A few weeks ago, Hole In The Donut was nominated in the category of best travel blog over at Divine Caroline.com, a really great online woman’s magazine (I especially like them because they have a lot of content about travel). I excitedly emailed all my friends, and asked them to vote for me if they were so inclined, which resulted in an initial flurry of votes. But now I am stalled at 35 votes. The top site has 111 votes as of this writing and I certainly don’t expect to be able to beat that tally, but I would absolutely LOVE to be in the top ten!

So, where am I now? I am currently in 11th position, at the top of page two. In order to get into the top ten, I need at least three more votes. The contest ends on November 30th, so there isn’t a lot of time left. If you would be willing to vote for my blog, navigate over to Divine Caroline’s voting page and click on the button to the right of my blog that says “VOTE.” If you are not already a member of Divine Caroline, you will have to register, but it is free and you are given the opportunity to opt out of receiving any correspondence from them at the time you sign up. Thanks in advance to those of you who are willing to help, and a HUGE hug to those who have already voted for me.

4 thoughts on “Hole In The Donut Nominated For Best Travel Blog At Divine Caroline”

  1. Hi. Being nominated in itself already feels good and for that I congratulate you. I hope you achieve your objective. You got my vote and I wish you luck..

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  2. Just read your post on the Banker Ponies at UpTake. I’ve essayed much of North Carolina’s “Crystal Coast” on my blog, with particular attention to Beaufort and Atlantic Beach. But the one thing I’ve never managed to get a shot of is the Banker Ponies. That’s a project that’s been in the works for some time now.

    The Crystal Coast (sometimes called the Southern Outer Banks) isn’t as well known outside the state as “The” Outer Banks or as heavily visited as the more accessible Wilmington/Carolina Beach/Topsail area, but if you’re coming to NC, you really need to make a stop there.

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