Hole In The Donut Ranked As One Of Top 200 Travel Blogs

I have an anniversary coming up on November 15th. On that date two years ago I wrote my very first post on this blog. Initially, I created Hole In The Donut to allow my friends and family to follow me as I backpacked around the world. For six months I traveled to places I’d always dreamed of visiting and stayed up half of every night downloading photos and writing. By the time I returned home, in addition to being addicted to travel, I was addicted to blogging.

Of course, once I returned to the States my posts began to deal with subjects other than travel; these days I may upload an inspirational video one day and criticize the government the next. But at least half of my posts still deal with my true love – travel – and so I was delighted when I learned recently that the “T-List” has ranked Hole In The Donut among the top 200 travel blogs in the world.

This most prestigious list is painstakingly compiled by Guido over at HappyHotelier.com. Why Guido does this is a mystery. He certainly does not receive any compensation for his efforts and he is the first to point out that the whole process is something of a horror. But I am delighted that he does.

Guido was for many years the proud (and happy) designer, developer, and owner of Haagsche Suites, a small and very luxurious hotel in The Hague, Netherlands. In his own words, he was also a happy doorman, bellman, concierge, front desk agent, technology engineer, limo driver, valet parking attendant, city guide, Sargent at Arms and photographer at wedding ceremonies, cleaning boy, gardener, pond and central heating technician, personal assistant, butler, and cook. Seems the same attention to detail that served Guido in his tenacious creation of the T-List also served him in the oversight of his boutique hotel. In case no one has thanked you lately for your devotion, let me say it. Thank you, Guido!

7 thoughts on “Hole In The Donut Ranked As One Of Top 200 Travel Blogs”

  1. Love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to inform and entertain those of us who are not traveling much at the moment

    You inspire me to get back on the road eventually!

    Laura Lee

  2. Hi Barbara.

    Thank you for the kudos.

    I’m afraid the only reason is a bean counting affection inherited from my “former life” as an international tax adviser (counsel you seem to say in the USA).

    But on a more serious note: I just want to have all travel bloggers communicating as much as possible with each other and to be aware of each other. That’s all.

    Without the fun of communicating with each other and sometimes playing fun with each other, the writing of posts behind a puter screen is a dour and long lone hours job.


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