Funny Adult-Proof Packaging Video


I feel vindicated.

I thought it was me.

Or – perish the thought – my age.

It is true that I find it virtually impossible to open a child-proof cap these days. Fortunately, I take no medicines. As for the aspirin bottle, which I must access once in a blue moon, well I cheat; I leave the lid ajar.

But when it comes to opening those onerous, razor-edged, hard plastic packages that enclose most electronic equipment these days…..let’s just say it is an exercise in futility. I always have to resort to the scissors and even then I end up with sliced fingers. I am absolutely convinced that the packaging is designed this way so that you cannot return the item, since there is no way to open it without destroying the package.

But I digress. Back to the point of being vindicated. I am not clumsy, inept, or downright stupid. It is not my age. I have not experienced a loss of manual dexterity. I am just normal…..take a gander at this hysterical video of a YOUNG MAN trying to open his new MacBook remote:

1 thought on “Funny Adult-Proof Packaging Video”

  1. Aah, great to start the day with a good giggle….But what is all this packaging about? In an era where the consumer is constantly being told to cut down its garbage disposal amount, the supplier gives us packaging many times the size of an item, and almost impossible to open without becoming violent.


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