How to Fix a Broken Printer? Get a Cat.

My printer is an Epson CX5000 and I want to make it clear, right here and now, that it is absolutely the WORST printer I have ever owned. In order to get it to print a color photo without gaps in the color or white stripes across the photo, I have to use custom settings and uncheck the “fast” setting. For the past few weeks, every time I turn the printer on, it tells me that one or more ink cartridges are empty. It doesn’t mater whether I have printed one page or one hundred pages since last using it, it is always out of ink. I think the best solution would be to throw it forcefully against a wall and smash it to smithereens. The only reason I haven’t is that I have a drawer full of expensive refill ink cartridges that would undoubtedly be useless in a new printer.

Until today my only consolation was that my printer is so often out of ink that it won’t be long before I use up my refills; I may yet get the pleasure of throwing it against a wall. But today I have another idea. How to fix a broken printer? Get a cat. A feisty, ferocious, feline to protect me from the abuses of printerland. Don’t get my drift? Just watch the following video and you’ll see what I mean:

3 thoughts on “How to Fix a Broken Printer? Get a Cat.”

  1. That’s a funny video. And, as the saying goes – curiosity kills the cat – it is really proven. Ah! I know it’s been sometime since you posted, and I am wondering how I missed the action for a year and half. Anyways, happy new year.


  2. OMG Barbara! I laughed out loud so hard for 20 seonds that I nearly spilled my dinner. Thanks for the heads up. I am glad I got to see that, as I really needed the laugh. Blessings — jb


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