Video Answer: Why I Don’t Cruise

How safe are cruises, really? The following are e a few reasons why I don’t take oceangoing cruises:

  1. I suffer horribly from seasickness
  2. I think I would feel trapped (I’d rather be out backpacking on some mountain or jungle trail)
  3. I would hate having to be back to the ship at a certain time, because I love to wander and just go where the spirit takes me
  4. But I think the following video demonstrates the best reason for not cruising. Did I mention that I get seasick?

3 thoughts on “Video Answer: Why I Don’t Cruise”

  1. That’s one big wave. I think that was the storm that hit a Princess ship near New Zealand.

    Cruises are wonderful if you find the right one for you, seasickness and all.

  2. GOODNESS! I leave for my first cruise in 101 days!! I have good sea legs, but after that I may be taking some Dramamine after all!


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