Best Rides On Ths Week’s Travel Carnival

A few weeks back I was invited by Darren Cronian of Travel Rants to participate in a Travel Blog Carnival. Each week, those of us lucky enough to be invited email Darren a link to a travel article that we have posted during the past week. Darren then picks one of us each week to review all the submissions and choose our three or four favorite posts. This week, I’m the reviewer and I have to say it was a really hard choice as there were so many good articles from which to choose. I finally whittled my list down to the following favorites:

For those looking for a bit more adventure than afforded by a drive through flatlands, try out this article at the Family Travel Blog, which features the sport of bodyflight. The video of kids and adults flying around in what appears to be a wind chamber is truly amazing. I felt like I was flying just watching it. This is something I definitely want to do!

The White Point Manor blog looks at the controversial issue of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, the U.S. legislation that will (eventually) eliminate the ability for Canadian Citizens to enter the U.S. by showing only a driver’s license.

And finally, perhaps my favorite post of the week is to be found on Highland Business Research’s Tracking Tourism Blog. It’s an hysterical article about a new method for tracking tourism being used by the folks in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and it links to an even funnier article in the Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog that used every “potty mouth” pun it could come up with to describe the town’s state-of-the-art tracking methodology.

Anyone can join the carnival by emailing a travel post to travelblog.carnival (at) Though I’m delighted to have been invited to be a part of the Travel Blog Carnival, the best part of the whole experience is being exposed to other travel writers and being able to pass along some of these great article to my readers. Enjoy!

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  2. Hi Barbara,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my Texas driving tips! I loved that blog on the sport of bodyflight as well. Although to be honest here in West Texas we average winds of anywhere from 25 to 45 on a daily basis. I’ll bet I could slap together some plywood and make my own flight chamber! Of course if you are feeling truly adventurous (or just plain loopy) you are more than welcome to join me. 🙂
    aka PJsTravelin Texas

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