Mouse, 1; Dad, 0

Dad set the mousetrap around 9 AM this morning. I was lazily lounging in the living room recliner with a book in my lap, half asleep and still in my PJ’s (at 3:50 PM), when I heard it. Craaack! The mousetrap had been sprung. I made Dad go and check it – I couldn’t bring myself to look. Sometime during the day Dad had moved the trap from the kitchen counter top to the floor under the kitchen credenza, where I first spotted the furry little guy. He crawled under the credenza and pulled out an empty mousetrap.

“Go mouse!” I yelled, punching my fists up in the air.

Dad hooted with laughter, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll get him. I just put too much cheese on the trap. Too bad we don’t have any peanut butter, ’cause it would work better.”

Don’t look at me. I’m not going to the store for peanut butter. I already feel like a murderer, since I’m the one who bought the cheese he’s using on the trap.

My theory is that the mouse is now savvy to the danger at hand. It remains to be seen whether he will be smart enough to beat the trap again next time, or if he just takes the hint and gets out of Dodge.

I’m rooting for ya’, little guy!

To be continued….again…..

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