I Love My Dad

I was on the phone with Dad until midnight last night – he was trying to go to the links on my recent blog entry about the Honda car commercial and the fantastic machine, but he didn’t have the flash player he needed, so I walked him through it. We finally figured it out (hard to know what to tell him since I can’t see what’s on his screen) – got the software downloaded and installed – and he was able to view the videos. He is so mechanically inclined that I knew he would love the videos. As the car commercial played I recorded his running commentary:

“OK, now I got a couple of gears running down a plank – oh – they’re falling off the plank onto the floor and rolling over to something else and making it turn – oh – that’s part of a muffler! And that’s hitting – oh – it’s a windshield! Now these screws are turning and rolling off and hitting – ah – it’s a radiator – and it fell over – and it hit…a tire… and now the tire is rolling uphill and hitting another one, and another one and – that’s making a lot of other stuff fall and …oh for God sake it started a fan! And the fan rolled over and started another whole chain reaction that made water spray and started the windshield wipers and now they’re crawling across the floor! Now here’s the end and the finished car is rolling off the block. I’m gonna have to study this. This is something you can watch over and over. I’m definitely gonna have to study this.”

I knew he’d love it. He takes things apart just to see how they work and he can fix anything, my Dad. And you just gotta love YouTube!

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