My Dad, My Car, a Grocery Store, and Winter Driving in a Snowstorm

I groggily emerged from my Dad’s guest bedroom around 8:15 this morning, after having slept less than four hours. “If  you want to go grocery shopping today, you have to be ready by nine o’clock because there’s a snowstorm on the way,” Dad announced. For the past week I have been driving through horrid weather, … Read more

Reverend Billy And The Church Of Stop Shopping Spreads Message About Rampant Consumerism

I have long said that our values are out of whack in this country, that we covet material things to an unhealthy degree and spend needlessly in a futile attempt to feel better about ourselves. It seems I am not alone in this belief. Reverend Billy, along with his mock-religious Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, has … Read more