PHOTO: Shuk in the Old City of Jerusalem Offers Typical Tourist Trinkets

Shuk in the Arab Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem offers goods mostly aimed at tourists

A street inside the Shuk in the Old City of Jerusalem. The shuk, or market in English, operates in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Quarters of the Old City. Goods hawked in the Christian and Jewish Quarters, like those in the above photo, tend to be aimed at tourists. A wide selection of leather goods, scarves, pashmina shawls, backpacks, T-shirts, and trinkets are on display. Visitors to the Muslim Quarter, however, will find a market that is reminiscent of an ancient Arab shuk. Everything and anything can be purchased within its narrow, winding alleyways. But bring your best bargaining skills, because haggling is an absolute must.

The shuk in the Old City of Jerusalem (also known as a souk, suk, or suq) is usually the cheapest place in the city to buy gifts. Giant hookas are among the most popular items. Cosmetics made with Dead Sea salt and items carved from gnarled olive wood run a close second. For a truly unique gift, check out one-of-a-kind Armenian pottery pieces that have been produced by a single Armenian family for generations. And for those pious friends, the shuk offers a wide array of religious jewelry and ritual items such as Torahs, chalices, and robes.

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