PHOTO: Wild Ibex in the Botanical Gardens at Ein Gedi Oasis, Israel

Wild Ibex wander into the botanical gardens at Ein Gedi, a desert oasis just two hours outside of Jerusalem

Wild Ibex at the botanical gardens at Ein Gedi. This desert oasis, which overlooks the amazing healing waters of the Dead Sea, is located just two hours outside of Jerusalem. Almost every afternoon, the Wild Ibex leap over the high wall that encloses the community to graze on the lush vegetation within the compound. After eating their fill, they bound back out again to wander the rocky desert landscape that surrounds Ein Gedi.

Wild Ibex are also referred to as Nubian Ibex. They are a species of goat that occupy the mountainous deserts of the Middle East and North Africa. These three (look closely and you will spot the other two lying down in the background) are easily identified as males due to the size of their horns and the black stripe down their backs. Our group of nine crept toward them quietly and slowly, with cameras at the ready. Though they were wary, they seemed to have little fear of us. I was able to get within just a few feet of them – this shot was taken without a telephoto lens!

5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Wild Ibex in the Botanical Gardens at Ein Gedi Oasis, Israel”

  1. I eas at Ein Gedi last September. I was walking alone down a path and a young female ibex almost came right up to me, but a group of people talking came up behind me so she ran off.

  2. We were on a tour of Israel during late March-early April of this year, and visited the Ein Gedi Oasis/Dead Sea area for one day…..while hiking back to the waterfalls at the end of the canyon, we saw many Ibex as you describe…nonchalantly grazing on vegetation while keeping a close watch on the “tourists”… addition, there were many of the rock hyrax animals hiding in the crevices and brush….without a doubt, the oasis landscape was beautiful especially in contrast to the stark desert surrounding it….if one visits Israel, it is well worth going to see this location.

    • Hi James and Connie: I think of all the places I visited in and around Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi Oasis is the place I would most like to return to. It’s both beautiful and intimidating.

  3. The first time I hiked in the area of Sde Boker and Ein Gedi, I was shocked how close the ibexes were coming! They got so used to people, that they were ignoring them completely, just walking around. Beautiful animals!


    • I know! I was so amazed that they were completely wild, but also so used to people that I was able to walk up to within a few feet of them.


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