PHOTO: Young Men at Hauz Khas Archeological Site in Delhi, India

Young men relax on the grounds of the Hauz Khas Archeological Site in South Delhi, India

With a population of nearly 17 billion, the National Capital Territory of Delhi is the largest metropolitan area in India and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the world. Given the sheer masses of people who make Delhi their home, it might be easy to assume it is unlivable. Fortunately, however, the capital of India is also one of the greenest cities in the world. Approximately 20 percent of its geographical area is green space, and the government continues to focus on growing more trees and strictly monitoring tree cutting.

Delhiites rely on these parks for relaxation and recreation, and these three young men were the perfect example. I found them enjoying the grounds at the Hauz Khas Archeological Site in South Delhi on a sunny Saturday afternoon. And they weren’t the only ones. I discovered young lovers secreted within the nooks and crannies of this 13th century complex. Others wandered around, exploring the ruins of the mosque, madrassa, and tombs that were built during the 320 years that northern India was ruled by Muslim sultans. But most, like these three, were simply enjoying a respite from the massive crowds that are so ubiquitous in Delhi.

Author’s note: This was just one of many sights I visited during my stay in Delhi, courtesy of my wonderful hosts, Prakash Kutir B&B with Prakash Kutir Homestay

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