PHOTO: Deep-Water Port Hercule (Port Hercules) in Monaco

Port Hercule in Monte Carlo, Monaco is a deep-water port that has been in use since ancient times

Port Hercule (Port Hercules) is a deep-water port in Monaco. It occupies a natural bay at the foot of the ancestral rock of the princes of Monaco. This stunnng vista was photographed from the plaza in front of the Prince’s Palace, which sits atop the rock. The port has been in use since ancient times, as both Greek and Roman sources refer to it. However, prevailing easterly winds made it a poor shelter.

Two piers were erected in the early part of the 20th century that provided some slight protection. The harbor finally gained world-class status in 2011, when a 1,155-foot long floating seawall was constructed and anchored to the foot of the rock. Not only has it provided much needed shelter from winds and sea swells, it is now possible for major cruise ships to dock at the facility.

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