PHOTO: Grave of Princess Grace of Monaco in Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Grave of Princess Grace of Monaco

The grave of Princess Grace of Monaco sits side by side with that of her husband, Prince Rainier, in Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Most Americans better remember her as the popular actress, Grace Kelly. During the 1950’s Kelly appeared in numerous New York City theatrical productions, more than 40 episodes of live drama productions, and in Hollywood movies that earned her an Oscar and Golden Globe awards.

She met Prince Rainier III in 1955 while heading up the U.S. delegation at the Cannes Film Festival. He proposed in December of that same year. Kelly accepted and subsequently left her acting career to become the Princess Grace of Monaco. The Princess died in 1982, when her car plummeted off the side of a cliff on a mountain road. The accident was later determined to be the result of a stroke. Princess Grace was well-loved, and the nation mourned her death. Today, fresh flowers still adorn her grave and visitors pass silently by in respectful tribute.

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  1. I have visited countless cathedrals and churches all over Europe and this one, while nice, is nowhere near the top of my list of most beautiful. If you want to see a stunning cathedral visit Cathedrale Saint Reparate in Nice.


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