PHOTO: Good Friday Flowers in Taormina, Sicily

PHOTO: Good Friday Flowers in Taormina, Sicily

Flowers and ribbons are lovingly arranged on steps in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Click on above photo to view it in large format: Good Friday flowers are strewn on a stairway in Taormina, Sicily, in preparation for the religious procession where worshipers carry icons through the streets to the Basilica Cathedral (the Duomo).

6 Comments on “PHOTO: Good Friday Flowers in Taormina, Sicily

  1. I love visiting and happening into stunning displays and local events like this, beautiful

    • Hi Noel: Events like this completely make a trip for me. Sometimes, as you say, I stumble into them, but in this case I planned specifically to be there during the Easter festivities.

    • Hi Rhonda: Yes, they were beautiful, and not only in this one place. They made a flower carpet in front of one of the doors to the cathedral and decorated fountains, etc.

  2. HI! This photo brought back so many memories of my one day visit there in 2010. What a delightful place, with stunning views of Mt. Etna, the Greek theater, wonderful food, beautiful people, and gorgeous weather. Thanks for sharing:)))

    • You’re welcome Anne! So glad my photo brought back such wonderful memories.

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