PHOTO: The Great Theater at Pompeii, Italy

PHOTO: The Great Theater at Pompeii, Italy

The Great Theater at Pompeii was used for performances as well as political meetings, but is best known as the place of Julius Caesar's murder by the Liberatores of the Roman Senate and elite.

Click on above photo to view it in large format: The Great Theater at Pompeii, which could seat up to 5,000 spectators, dates from the end of the 3rd century BCE. It was built in the Greek style, which took advantage of the natural slope of the terrain and had a U-shaped orchestra. During performances of comedies and tragedies, long lengths of colored cloth were strung over the seating to provide shade for the audience.

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  1. Really enjoying the ruins of Vesuvius! I’ve been there several times but didn’t know about all the sites. Thank you.

    • Hi DC Suzy: Glad you’re enjoying this series from Italy. I’m amazed at the number of comments I’ve received from readers who didn’t know anything about the other ruins sites in the area. Pompeii just overshadows everything else, I guess, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other sites.

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