5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Indigenous Quechua at the Market in Pisac, Peru”

  1. Very good information on the Sacred Valley
    I wanted to go to Cusco but I need more information of any good travel agent


  2. Brilliant photo. But I can’t agree with the comment about ‘famous for fresh fruit… etc’. It is certainly well-known locally for that, but internationally the Sunday Market is more famous for handcrafts and tourism. 90% of the market is devoted to tourism, even on other week days. I may post on that myself in Sunday Travel Tales today. Having explored Pisac myself as a tourist and later passing monthly with groups of tourists as their travel guide, I can vouch that it is Pisac by the style of the cobblestones, and that the women who sell produce do so on the fringe of the tourism market. Having said all that, I love the photo and the quality of the photography.


  3. I am really enjoying this series of photos and stories helping relive one of my most enjoyable trips ever through the wondrous countries of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The vibrancy, colour and freshness of the markets in the various towns were always a highlight.


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