PHOTO: Penguin on an Iceberg in Antarctica

Adelie Penguin on an iceberg at Brown Bluff in Antarctica

I saw hundreds of thousands of penguins in Antarctica. I saw thousands of icebergs. I even saw hundreds of penguins on icebergs. But this sole Adelie penguin on an iceberg in Antarctica was the most captivating of all. My jaw dropped. I’d been watching colonies of penguins at Brown Bluff make their way, hop by excruciating hop, up a mountainside to nesting grounds. They were ungainly. They often looked as if they were on the verge of tumbling back down the rocky scree. But maintaining their balance on an outcropping of rock is one thing; hopping to the top of a slick, near vertical iceberg is quite another. One of most intriguing mysteries of my trip to Antarctica will always be how this lone penguin made it to the top of this iceberg.

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11 thoughts on “PHOTO: Penguin on an Iceberg in Antarctica”

  1. Hi, beautiful photo, as always. I have a question…I’ve noticed how polar ice has a blue hue whereas other ice on the earth does not. Do you know why?

    • I also asked that question of the scientists on board Paul and was told that it has to do with the ice being so old. The ice at the bottom has been compressed over eons and it is incredibly dense, so it reflects color differently. Apparently, the denser the ice, the more blue it becomes.


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