PHOTO: Leaves of the Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ear

Leaves of the Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ears plant

The island of Borneo, located just south of the tip of mainland Malaysia, is a natural wonderland. Most visitors come to dive or see the island’s unique wildlife, but the flora has a lot to offer too. During my stay at Sepiilok Nature Resort in the Malaysian State of Sabah, I spent one afternoon exploring the boardwalks that border the lake and marshes around the resort. One of my finds were enormous leaves of this Borneo Giant Elephant Ear that stood taller than me. They rippled in the sunlight like waves on a green ocean. I was mesmerized.

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8 thoughts on “PHOTO: Leaves of the Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ear”

  1. Before I reach the Philippines, our plane was re-routed to Sabah Malaysia and saw these huge leaves and didn’t know what it called. Now I know it’s the Giant Elephant Ear and thanks to this informative input. thought these leaves will eat us alive lol

  2. Dear Lady,
    Your text sounds wonderful but the wonder is absent from the photograph! For all we eager-to-view(ers) know from top to bottom we’re looking at four inches of leaf. We need something of unambiguous dimensions in the picture to provide a sense of scale!

    • Ah yes, I hear you James. But sometimes I shoot for texture and light, rather than perspective, and this was one of those times.


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