PHOTO: Lucky Closeup of a Bornean Thick-Billed Spiderhunter

Bornean Thick-Billed Spiderhunter bird at Sepilok Nature Resort

I traveled to the Malaysian State of Sabah on the island of Borneo mainly to see orangutans in the wild and to learn about the endangered Sun Bears. An unexpected bonus was the astonishing birdlife. I spotted Rhinoceros hornbills, with their weird red and gold banana-shaped headdresses, as well as black and white Oriental Pied Hornbills. Unfortunately, my telephoto lens was not good enough to capture decent photos of either species, as they were sitting in high treetops, surrounded by dense foliage. However my luck took a turn for the better one day while relaxing on the deck at Sepilok Nature Resort. The Bornean Thick-Billed Spiderhunter is found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Sumatra and Borneo. Since they prefer the upper canopy of the forest, sightings are usually difficult, so I was surprised when one landed on a flower, not six feet from where I was sitting. I slowly reached for my camera, aimed, and snapped a couple of quick shots before it flew away. A lucky catch indeed!

8 thoughts on “PHOTO: Lucky Closeup of a Bornean Thick-Billed Spiderhunter”

  1. Complete and well written information. I really liked your publication. the images are very good and the description you make is simply spectacular. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Greetings from Cusco – Peru

    • Thanks Val! It was a reall lucky catch. It literally landed six feet away from me and I happened to have the telephoto on the camera.

    • Hi Centrine. So glad you liked the photo. I didn’t know the answer, so had to look it up. Apparently, they eat nectar, insects, and small fruits, so I assume they must eat spiders.


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