PHOTO: Boiling Eggs at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Thailand

Boiling eggs at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in the hills outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in the hills outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a great day trip for visitors. Twin geysers erupt perpetually, throwing the stinky sulfur water into the air. The scalding water is piped into a concrete pool where visitors can boil fresh eggs that are available for purchase in the park. Wicker baskets with long handles allow the eggs to be immersed into the 105 degree Celsius water (221 degrees Fahrenheit!) without risk of scalding. There’s even a sign that advises how long to leave the eggs immersed: three minutes for soft boil, five to six minutes for half-boil, and 10-15 minutes for full boil.

The hot spring water is also pumped into a series of concrete canals, which allows the water to cool. Visitors sit on the edge of these canals and soak their feet. At the end of its journey the mineral water is pumped into a giant swimming pool. During my three trips to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, the water temperature in the pool ranged from 32 to 36 degrees (89.6 to 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit), which is comfortably warm and allows long soaks. The high sulfur mineral content is believed to be highly beneficial for achy muscles, ligaments, and joints. I found it very helpful; my aches and pains were much reduced after a few hours in the pool. Additionally, the park offers picnic areas, a restaurant, food kiosks, and rental cabins for overnight stays.

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  1. Hi Barbara: Glad to hear you’re still writing about your travel experiences. Hope you’re enjoying your new ex-pat life in one spot. I’m a former charter air hostess during the Vietnam War and often went to the Pacific. Unfortunately Chengmai was not safe to visit when I was in Thailand. Enjoy.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for sharing this interesting post.
    By the way, I have just got back from a seven days trip to CM two weeks ago and
    didn’t know this hot springs exist near CM!
    It would be interesting to visit this place if I am back in CM next time.

    • Hi Wendy: You can arrange for a driver at most tour agencies, and they will take you, wait for a few hours, and bring you back, Or, if yo’re adventurous, there’s a red Songtheaw that goes there for 60 baht one way. Find it along the river, next to Wororot Market.


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