PHOTO: Saint Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia, A Lightning Magnet

View down Lai Street toward Saint Olaf's Church in Tallinn, Estonia

The view down Lai Street looks toward Saint Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia. Though it’s believed to have been built in the 12th century, it was not mentioned in written records until 1267. The church’s steeple has always been exceedingly high. Between 1549 and 1625, Saint Olaf claimed it was the highest building in the world, though this has long been disputed due to differing standards of measurement. What is clear is that the steeple a virtual lightning magnet. The church has been struck by lightning at least ten times and suffered extensive fire damage three different times. Today Saint Olaf’s stands slightly more than 406 feet tall and the view from the top offers the best view over Tallinn.

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