PHOTO: Cours Saleya, the Famous Market Street in Nice, France

View down the Cours Saleya in Nice, France

View down the Cours Saleya in Nice, France. Every Tuesday through Sunday, vendors selling fresh cut flowers and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables take over this street in the historic center of the city. Sidewalk cafes tucked among the kiosks are ideal for people watching while sipping the first espresso of the day. And this market is not only for tourists! The variety and quality of the produce and flowers bring locals to the square to do their daily shopping. Though the fruit and vegetable sellers pack up by 1:30, the flower kiosks stay open until around 5:30 p.m..

On Monday, however, produce and flower vendors make way for a huge antique and flea market. By chance, I arrived on a Monday. I strolled the length of the broad Cours Saleya and was astounded by the breadth of items available at this market. Everything from furniture to silver spoons to vintage clothing was on display. From June through September, when sun’s heat radiates from the stone streets well after sunset, a craft market pops on the Cours Saleya every evening.

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  1. Have you been to Liberation market, up along the Tramway just north of the Gare SNCF? This is the best market in Nice for produce (fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables) . The vendors come from the Nice area, some from as far as Tende. You won’t find any souvenirs however, as it’s not at all the tourist trap Cours Saleya can be. It’s much cheaper than Cours Salaya and it’s where the locals do their shopping. There are lots of nice cafes and restaurants up there too, but again, not tourist places but more for the locals. Some come quite a way to this Tuesday to Sunday 6am-1pm market. It is just five minutes from the Gare SNCF, less from the Gare du Sud and is served by the Tramway. The original old Gare du Sud station has been beautifully renovated and is now the local library. Opposite, there’s a little park where children play and the dog-walkers congregate to chat. Just by the old Gare du Sud is the fish market, but for meat and cheese, these are in a covered area just up a bit, and opposite the Place Charles de Gaulle. With the coming of the Tramway, this area is really good in the evenings when the little cafes and restaurants benefit from the calm atmosphere with just the quiet whoosh and jangle of the tram’s bell. I highly recommend the area for a much more authentic Nicoise experience!

    • Hi Marianne: Sadly, I did not make it to the Liberation Market. I knew about it, but there was just so much to do. On my final day I had a choice of going to that market or taking the train to Monaco. I decided on the latter. Had I known how uninspiring Monaco would be, I certainly would have done the market. But, there’s always next time. I envy you living there. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and information-filled comment.


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