PHOTO: Lavender Fields in Provence France

Lavender Fields in Provence France

The Lavender fields in Provence, France reach their peak between mid-July and the beginning of August each year. For more than a month, the air of Provence is saturated with the sweet musky scent of lavender as the blooms are harvested. They are sent to local distilleries, where their fragrance is used in soap, lotions, shampoos, and essential oils. Some of the stalks are trimmed, banded and hung upside-down to dry. When cured, they are sold as bouquets or sachets.

During my tour of the Luberon region of France, this was the most beautiful field of Lavender I saw . Unable to resist, I walked into the field, leaned against the tree, closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply. They say that the fragrance of Lavender is calming and promotes relaxation. It certainly worked for me. An intense sense of well-being stayed with me for hours afterward.

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