PHOTO: The Architectural Minimalism of Reykjavik City Hall

Reykjavik City Hall juts out into The Pond

I wandered into the Reykjavik City Hall almost by mistake. I’d been walking along the shore of the Tjornin, a shallow body of water that everyone calls “The Pond,” when I came to a long bridge. On the other side sat a building that was the epitome of architectural minimalism, if not downright Brutalism. Curious, I stepped inside and discovered I was in the Reykjavik City Hall. Despite being the seat of government, there were no guards in sight, no checkpoints, no security of any kind. Only an information counter, a cafe with a row of computers that provide free Internet access, and a sunken lobby with a grand topographical map of Iceland.

A kind woman in the lobby smiled when I asked about security. “There is none,” she explained. Our Mayor’s office is upstairs and both he and our President are often seen walking around town, unescorted.” In a world where terrorism is becoming more prevalent, this was mind-boggling to me. Just as astonishing was the collection of artworks hanging on the lobby walls. During a city walking tour later that week, I learned that one of the largest pieces represented an enormous vagina.

2 thoughts on “PHOTO: The Architectural Minimalism of Reykjavik City Hall”

  1. Now that is a great place. Free to walk with no security; bravo. I made a stop in Reykjavik years ago on a flight from NYC to Paris, but did not stay, and now I am sorry.

    • Oh my goodness Bibi. Wish you had stopped, at least for a day. Iceland was a fascinating destination – so much there I did not expect.


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