PHOTO: Bronze Man Gazes Across The Pond in Reykjavik, Iceland

Bronze man enjoys view across the Pond in Reykjavik, Iceland

The Pond in Reykjavik (Tjörnin to Icelanders) is a shallow lagoon that provides a lovely view toward the city. It is also a perfect setting for numerous sculptures that line its shores, like this bronze man on a bench. The development of Reykjavik began on the land between the lake and the North Atlantic coastline, eventually surrounding the lake. Today, many of Reykjavik’s most notable buildings rise along its shoreline, including the Reykjavik Art Museum, National Museum, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik City Library, National Theatre, and the Parliament building. Perhaps the most notable building that graces the shoreline is Reykjavik’s City Hall, which juts out over the water. Locals frequent the winding paths that run around the lake, using them for walking, jogging, and feeding the proliferation of birds that call it home during the summer, and ice skating during the winter.

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  1. Barbara, this is such a nice shot with interesting composition. The statue looking out to the low rise buildings in Reykjavik with the snow-capped mountains on a nice, sunny day is just perfect!

  2. Hi Barbara i love traveling i was searching for best places to see after i seeing your posts pictures i will be a regular follower of your blog you i loved Sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda pics was superb

    • Thanks so much Chrissy! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It really helps me to know that people are actually reading what I write.


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