PHOTO: Weirawsana Jade Pagoda Near Mandalay, Myanmar

Jade Temple in Mandalay, Myanmar

Weirawsana Jade Pagoda near Mandalay, Myanmar, is covered in jade worth $15 million. Inside the pagoda, jade Buddha statues occupy niches facing the four cardinal directions. The government of Myanmar represents it as the largest jade pagoda in the world, and the only one in the world built entirely of the precious stone. The 75-foot high structure was begun in 2012 and only recently completed. Funds for the construction of the Jade Pagoda were donated by an extremely wealthy jade trader and mine owner, U Soe Naing, who for more than 25 years collected jade to be used in the temple’s construction. Plans are also underway to construct a showroom and jade auction center next to the the pagoda.

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