Bridal couple at Kuthodaw Complex in Mandalay, Myanmar, celebrate their wedding day with a visit to the famous temple where each of 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings are housed in its own individual shrine

Click on title to view photo in large format: Bridal couple celebrate their wedding day with a visit to Kuthodaw Complex in Mandalay, Myanmar. This famous site is often described as containing the largest book in the world. After my first circuit of the site, I was mystified. I saw absolutely no evidence of a giant book. Further inquiry solved the mystery. In 1857 the King of Burma (now Myanmar), ordered the entire Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism (the Tipitaka) to be inscribed on marble slabs. Each of the 729 “pages” of the teachings is housed in its own brilliant white stupa, and the 729 stupas that surround the main pagoda make up the “book.” This was just one of many magical sights seen during my Myanmar Explorer Cruise/Tour with Viking River Cruises.