PHOTO: Dervish House in Blagaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina

In the 16th century, the Ottoman Sultan ordered this Dervish House to be built at the source of the Buna River, which flows from the Karst limestone cliffs in Bugaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Near the town of Blagaj in southwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina, an underground river flows out of a 600-foot high Karst limestone cliff to create the Buna River. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Sultan was so impressed by this site that he had a tekija (Ottoman monastery) built here. This Dervish House, as it is now known, is still in use by one of the Dervish cults. Though it is closed during ceremonies, at other times visitors can enjoy cold drinks, tea, and Turkish coffee in the gardens that overlooking the source of the river.

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    • Hi Stephen: It was gorgeous from the outside – just wish I’d had an opportunity to wander the grounds and see the inside. Maybe next time. Thanks for your comment.


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