8 thoughts on “PHOTO: Carrying the Icon of St. Publius Through Streets of Floriana, Malta”

  1. Just a minor correction: The people dressed in white carrying the statue of St. Publius, or any other statue of any saint in a Maltese Festa, are NOT priests. They are layman volunteers, or members of the organizing committee of the Festa, or members of a society at the particular church dedicated to the Saint, and, in some cases, members of a syndicate who a compete in an open financial bidding match against other syndicates, paying big money for the honor and privilege of carrying the statue. All monies raised go to defer some of the expenses incurred in the celebration of the Festa

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Tremendous photo with amazing detail.

    This reminds me so much of the extended scene in The Godfather II.

    I remember a young Vito Corleone walking through the streets, then bumping off the local mafia head, while the walking festival similar to this took place in NYC.

    Neat share.

    Tweeting soon.


    • Hi Ryan – I really appreciate your comment and your tweet. This particular fiesta had to be one of the more elaborate ones I’ve ever seen, and it did offer some pretty amazing photo ops.

    • Thanks Lauren. What was most impressive was how heavy the icon was, and how the bearers had to struggle not to misstep or fall.


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