6 thoughts on “PHOTO: Sunset in Positano, Italy”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I love this photo “Sunset in Positano”. My wife and I were teachers and travelled to Positano while working in the Middle East. We are now retired and I am writing a book for our family and friends about our travels out of Kuwait. I have pictures that I have taken that I am using in the book, but would love to use this one with your permission. I would give you credit for it and if there is a cost to using it please advise. Thanks so much.

    David and Janet Penner

    • Hi David – just emailed you directly. If you don’t receive my reply, please check your spam folder. Hotmail addresses can sometimes send me to spam, for some reason.

    • Hi Jean: Had that exact same experience in Greece. The women must have been in their 80’s but they all went up the stairs like mountain goats and they all had gorgeous legs. Me, I huffed an puffed most of the way.


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