PHOTO: Horse-drawn Carriage Ride in Sorrento, Italy

Horse-drawn carriage ride is a great way to see the sights in Sorrento, Italy

Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride is a great way to see the sights of Sorrento, Italy. Passengers are treated to a tour of the upper and lower levels of the city, while the driver points out specific sites and provides a bit of history. Once you have the lay of the land, it is easy to retrace your route on foot to see some of the most important buildings and piazzas up close.

4 thoughts on “PHOTO: Horse-drawn Carriage Ride in Sorrento, Italy”

  1. In no way is this justifiable. I have witnessed these lovely gentle horses working 12 hours a day every day with no evidence of regular food or water.They hang their heavy heads and stretch out their legs constantly by the end of the day.They do not belong on those diesel filled busy doesn’t matter that they return to stables,they have to endure so much monotony and pain.Unfortunately this really affected my experience in Sorrento!

  2. I was just in Sorrento and stayed in a hotel right near where these carriages are parked. It is a very sad and monotonous life for these gentle and intelligent creatures. Please don’t encourage people to take carriage rides. Horses do not belong in any modern city, competing with cars. A terrible life indeed.

    • This tradition in Sorrento goes back to the 18th century by the same family and these horses do not live in the Square they have stables in the country outside of Sorrento and are well looked after as I have visited the Stables. Sorrento was not a City but a fishing village surrounded by farming so they do belong. They are well looked after and it is part of their culture and history.


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