PHOTO: Typical Pompeii Street

PHOTO: Typical Pompeii Street Showing Deep Ruts from Cart Wheels

Typical Pompeii street with wheel ruts carved deeply into the stone pavement.

Click on above photo to view it in large format: Typical Pompeii street shows deep ruts from cart wheels. Carts were forbidden to enter the Forum, perhaps to protect the brilliant white travertine pavement that had been laid down in this large public area that was the focus of political, economic, and religious life.

7 Comments on “PHOTO: Typical Pompeii Street Showing Deep Ruts from Cart Wheels

  1. Amazing photo’s. It almost lookslike a train-track/railway track to me. Priceless/timeless photo’s. Thank you. HMD, jr..

    • Hi Hans: It hadn’t occurred to me, but they do look like train tracks! Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my photos – means a lot to me.

  2. Awesome photo Barbara, and I love your story! Resonates so strongly with mine. Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan: Thanks so much. I have to say that travel has changed me so much that I could never return to the regular world, where working all the time in order to buy more stuff I don’t need is the order of the day. Looking back, I wonder how I could have thought any of that was important. Glad to hear you’ve found a similar path.

    • Hi Lauren: It is indeed! The ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum are so well preserved that it almost felt like we were walking among ancient Romans.

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