2 thoughts on “PHOTO: Capped Columns in the Forum at Pompeii, Italy”

  1. Great pictures and comments. The place was dazzeling me and i was afraid if i missed something. Im a bad card reader, difficult to figure out on the spot.thanks to u i could check it afterwards and read extra things. I traveled all over the world but this place….. Amazing. What a history and what a nice site u made out of it. Thanks!
    Lovely greatings from Holland.

    • Hi Saskia: Pompeii is truly overwhelming, as you say. I could have spent three whole days there. I met so many people who did a day trip down from Naples, especially cruisers who were in port for the day, and they had about 3 hours to see Pompeii. I would have been so frustrated if I’d only had three hours. Glad you liked my photos – one of these days I hope to get to Holland.


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