6 thoughts on “PHOTO: Mother with Broken Back Raises Baby with Help from Two “Nannies” at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand”

  1. Definitely a sensitive issue. Good to hear these guys are trying (from your reports) to walk the fine line between the pros and cons. The wild is the best place for wild animals in so many ways, but it’s also a cruel place for those who are injured and maimed. Really, we need to be working on many fronts to promote animal welfare.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Bronwyn. I’m constantly amazed by how humans justify their actions with regard to animals and the environment.

  2. Please avoid any activities involving elephant or tigers in captivity in Thailand. That includes government supported “care center” because the country is corrupt.

    Involving in such activities will only contribute to killing of more elephant or tigers in national parks so that the calves/cubs can be taken away for future business.

    Why not visit one of many national parks across whole Thailand where these creatures can be seen in wild? Such as Kui Buri, Kaeng Krachan or Khao Yai National Park;




    • Hi Dan: I totally agree with you in most cases, but Elephant Nature Park is different. They only care for Elephants that cannot be returned to the wild. Three that were rescued from logging, circuses, and street begging are totally blind. One has a broken back; one has a withered leg from stepping on a land mine. The 38 elephants at this facility receive the best of care, and the mahouts are brought into the fold as well. No bull hooks are used and visitors DO NOT ride these elephants. The do not perform in any way; the only interaction that visitors can have is to feed them and bathe them in the river, but the elephants are not forced to participate in this activity; they are free to leave at will. I have been on site and investigated ENP and am completely convinced that they are a top notch operation, a fact that is not missed by at least seven other “elephant camps” in the nearby area that allow visitors to ride their elephants. Because of pressure from ENP, which is trying to educate against such forced “performance” activities, the other camps have pulled out all stops to try to close down ENP, right down to bribing political officials to do things like not paving the road in front of the site, etc.

  3. I have enjoyed reading about your travels over the last couple of years . You have done well , grasshopper .
    Patrick Trussell / Cuenca , Ecuador

    • Hi Patrick! Long time since I’ve heard from you. How are things in Cuenca these days? Or are you even still there?


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