2 thoughts on “PHOTO: An Old Wooden Fishing Boat is Beached in Sozopol, Bulgaria, Awaiting Restoration”

  1. Barbara! I just viewed the slideshow of your Bulgarian photos — they are sensational! I especially liked two of them: woman surrounded by flowers making booze, and the old corner grocery store. Was that building as open to the weather as the picture makes it appear?

    Happy New Year! I look forward to traveling vicariously with you in 2014.


    • Thank you so much Libbie. I’m glad you enjoyed the slide show. Bulgaria now ranks among my favorite countries in the world. The old building in Sozopol is pretty representative of all the homes in the old town area of Sozopol. Most were built in the 19th century, using a timber on stone foundation design. In the historic center, most of these old houses are still being lived in or have been converted to businesses to serve the public. Most are lovingly maintained, but a few, like this store, were a bit more rustic. Happy New Year to you, too. Hope to bring you many more fascinating stories so you can continue to travel vicariously with me in 2014.


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