PHOTO: Making Haystacks After the Harvest in Breb, Romania

Following the Late Summer Harvest, Farm Families Concentrate on Making the Haystacks in Breb Romania

After the late summer harvest, farm families in Breb, Romania, concentrate on making haystacks, which will be used to feed livestock through the winter

5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Making Haystacks After the Harvest in Breb, Romania”

  1. Home! I’m looking at your photos, trying to recognise people, I’ve seen a few familiar faces. It’s late October here now, we’ve had our first sub zero night, the haystacks are looking a bit soggy and just about all the harvesting is over. Spring and summer were long and glorious though.

    • Hi Corine: I would have offered to help, but there was no way I would have been able to shinny down a tree trunk once the haystack was complete 🙂


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