5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Original Town Hall in the Old Market Square in Poznan, Poland, is Especially Beautiful By Night”

  1. We’ve been to Poland twice, for brief trips. We have a family connection there. We found the people in Poland to be among the happiest and most welcoming in Europe. Your pictures from Poznan are reminding me how much we enjoyed our visits to Poland and that I need to keep it on my “must return to” list. You are also showing once again how much there is to experience all across Europe (and the world) in un-famous, smaller cities and little known places.

    You wrote a few weeks ago about damaging your camera. Was it repaired or did you buy a new one. I’m sure many of your readers would enjoy knowing what camera you use, and in hearing about your purchase research and decision if you bought one recently. Want to tell us? Or if you had yours repaired while traveling, how difficult was that? What was the process?

    This picture is very well done. I always enjoy your blog.


    • Hi Libbie: I use a Canon T3i and my walk-around lens is a Canon EF-S 10-22 mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged during a camel ride in the Sahara Desert when a sandstorm blew in. I have not yet had it repaired. It damaged the ground glass to the point where the auto focus no longer works, and the metering is way off, so I’m getting by doing everything manually. I won’t know if it’s repairable until I get back to the States in December and send it in to my camera repair shop. Fingers crossed that it can be salvaged, because I don’t have a spare $2K to buy a new kit. As it is, the repairs are going to cost a bundle. Appreciate your kind comment and that you are a devoted reader – that means a lot to me.


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