PHOTO: “Piss” Sculpture by David Cerny Depicts Two Men Urinating on the Czech Republic

Piss sculpture by David Cerný, in Prague, Czech Republic

The famous Piss sculpture in Prague is located on Malá Straná, in front of the Kafka Museum. With his controversial piece, not only does sculptor David Cerny make a searing political statement, he proves that Czech artists have a sense of humor.  The basin of the fountain is in the shape of the Czech Republic. Two men are standing on opposite ends, peeing on the country. Visitors can even send an SMS message to the fountain and the men will write the message into the water. Piss by David Cerny is not the only evocative sculpture in the Czech capital. There are scores of examples of surreal art in Prague, including everything from babies climbing up the TV tower to a statue of King Wenceslas riding an upside-down dead horse (could this be where the saying, “beating a dead horse came from”?

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