PHOTO: Sandra Bullock House in New Orleans Garden District

Sandra Bullock house in the Garden District of New Orleans
The Sandra Bullock house in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a gorgeous mansion with gingerbread architectural trim. It was pointed out to me during a walking tour of the famous Garden District, where scores of lavish houses sit behind high privacy fences and lush landscaping. Fortunately, Bullock’s mansion wasn’t entirely hidden, allowing participants on our Tauck Tour of the Big Easy to snap a quick photo while still acting in a respectful manner.

5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Sandra Bullock House in New Orleans Garden District”

  1. Do hope they never ever make a Celebrity House Map of the Garden District or French Quarter or NOLA…I’d rather visit her restaurant in Austin, TX or watch her movies…It’s a pretty Victorian house but it’s her home–2nd home or Vacation home or whatever…Let’s all remember to respect folks space, Movie Star or not, just saying…Good of you not to put an address to her house too.

    • My husband and I were in New Orleans a few years ago and took a walking tour of homes and her house was one of them one the tour; a long with several other celebrities. I will agree with you about respecting their privacy.

  2. that is sure gorgeous! And Sandra Bullock happens to be one of my favorite actresses 🙂 great find.

    -Maria Alexandra


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