PHOTO: Giant Fig trees at Ta Prohm Ruins, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

PHOTO: Giant Fig Trees Have Overgrown the Ruins of Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Giant fig trees have overgrown the ruins of Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat, Cambodia
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9 Comments on “PHOTO: Giant Fig Trees Have Overgrown the Ruins of Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  1. It is probably too late to try to protect the temple from being damaged by the tree…or maybe the tree where it currently stands is part of the charm of this site. Nice photo.

    • Hi David: This is the only temple that where the vegetation was not removed, apparently done to show visitors how ruins can be overgrown and literally disappear over time. I’m glad they Ta Prohm in this condition. Certainly gives one a sense of the power of Mother Nature.

    • Hi TJ & Charlotte: LOL – I think almost everyone who has visited Ta Prohm has a photo standing in front of that tree. I do!

  2. What a sense of time this lends. Size of man in relation to the trees, but also significance of man in relation to the time we live, and the time it takes a tree to grow like that (less time in the jungle than in temperate forests but, still..), and then how long ago the civilizaton which built this, and yet it endures, just. Gorgeous photo for the thoughts it inspires as much as the photography itself. Thank you.

    • Hi Linda: It’s the only temple at the main Angkor Wat complex that they left alone to show what happens over time, as vegetation and the elements take over man-made things. I agree, pretty awesome. Makes you feel terribly insignificant. Glad you liked the photo!

    • Hi Darrelyn: I suspect the whole place would come tumbling down if they removed the trees at this point. So glad they decided to leave this one temple in its natural state, rather than tearing out all the overgrowth.

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