PHOTO: Contemporary Sculpture on the waterfront in Barcelona, Spain

4 Comments on “PHOTO: Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture, “Barcelona Head, Stands on the Waterfront in Barcelona, Spain

  1. Such a great sculpture this. Reminds me a bit of the ones outside Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Crazy, colourful, fun…

    • Ah, Sophie, you are so right! Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn’t go to the Pompidou. But it gives me good reason to return, along with Chartres and Monet’s garden, which I also missed.

  2. The thing I love so much about Barcelona is the way it embraces modern and unconventional art. It’s not just in the architecture, it’s in pieces like this. Gorgeous!

    • I agree, Turtle! There was outdoor art everywhere. I believe this all started when they hosted the Olympics (can’t remember what year). The city underwent a revitalization project in preparation for the games and it never looked back. Barcelona is now one of the top economic powerhouses of Europe.

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